GE CRx Flex Computed Radiography

The CRx Flex industrial computed radiography scanner from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies combines flexibility, reliability, dynamic range and ease-of-use. t is designed specifically for applications in non-destructive testing, and  suitable for usage with both isotopes and X-ray sources. A broad range of applications in the aerospace, oil & gas, power generation and automotive industries would benefit from this latest innovation in computed radiography scan.

It’s ability to be utilized with either hard cassettes (in which the phosphor imaging plate never leaves the cassette) or the ability to scan any size of phosphor screen up to 35 x 43 cm (14 x 17 inches): any unique shape or size: circles, triangles, rectangles, pie shape, etc are truly one of its kind. These unique sizes can be exposed using a soft, flexible cassette and then scanned by the CRx Flex.

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